Donate Clothes


Giving happiness is not limited to money donation, it can be in any form. If you are planning to relocate or in phase of de-cluttering, the things which are of no use to you; the first thing you must do is, sort through and eliminate those which are not useful anymore there can be several things like old and unfit clothes, electronic appliances, old toys, books, footwear, utensils, mattress, and so on.

You have many options like sell all the unnecessary things and make some extra money, or you can help someone in need and be the reason for their happiness. The Choice is yours…

Our NGO helps to get in touch with the kids who really need your donation. You can donate your old items and bring a smile on many faces.

We are working for different causes to support underprivileged people in Rajasthan like fulfilling the basic needs of children, helping girl child to get education, shelter and health care for old age people, women empowerment by providing clothes, sanitary napkins, and more.

We will help to make your donation process completely stress-free by providing their address, contact number.